Not Quite Off Season (Part 2)

One week after returning from Europe I was in Colorado Springs to stay at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) for a two week long women’s team pursuit camp. I was super excited to be going to this camp. Team USA has been putting on a series of women’s team pursuit camps to begin their prep for Rio 2016. I missed out on the first camp because it conflicted with Cascade Stage Race. The second camp was going to conflict with my Europe trip so I was invited to come a few days early to get some one on one practice time in and then attend a few days of the second camp before heading off to Europe. This third camp was perfect for me, I could focus on the camp and not be worried about the training time I need to get in to maintain my road fitness. So what is a typical day at team pursuit camp?


5:30am wake-up

5:45am eat some yogurt and cereal you snatched from the cafeteria the night before

5:55am walk over in the below freezing temperatures to the gym

6:00am start some warm-up and stretching drills

6:15am let boot camp begin (box jumps, burpees, push-ups and more… but don’t forget the 3 minute minimum plank-off at the end)

7:30am breakfast

9:00am sport psychology

10:00am ride to the track

10:15am ultrasound on quads and calves to check glycogen levels pre-workout

10:45am warm-up

11:00am track session

Sample session

20 minute warm-up

2x half lap team starts

3x 3k team pursuit efforts

1:00pm ultrasound on quads and calves to check glycogen levels post-workout

1:15pm ride back to the OTC

1:30pm lunch

3:30pm afternoon spin

6:30pm dinner

9:00pm get in bed to do it all again

Some times you wonder where did the day go. To be continued…