Ladies Tour of Norway

The Water

I arrived in Europe last Sunday. Spent a few days in Belgium to get used to the time change then spent two days in the car to get to Norway for our first race of the fall European season. 

The Hills

We start a 3 day stage race with a prologue this evening. The course is just under 3k and is relatively flat and technical. We are hoping it stays dry but it’s not likely as it seems to rain every afternoon up here.



The Month of July

July has been a month of getting back into the groove of things. It started off in Canada racing a UCI race where my team took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. As upset as we were to not win the team really needed to get as many UCI points as we could to participate in the Worlds TTT this year. So even though we lost the day was a success.

the team

After Canada I headed with the team to Oregon for Cascades Cycling Classic. This race could not have gone much better. We won the team GC, five stage wins and I wore the yellow jersey the entire week. My team rode great to support me through out the week. The most exciting part of the week personally was to win the four kilometer Wothy Brewing Prolouge by ten seconds after barely making my start.



Like most TT’s I was at the start just over ten minutes before my start. When I arrived at the start it was much more crowded than usual. There were about 50 men in line to get their bikes pre-checked on the jig (this ruler looking contraption the officials use to check that your bike meets the UCI standards.) The women had a separate line to have there bikes checked for their start where we were lined up in order of start times. Normally you have your bike checked about ten minutes before your start and then you “patiently” wait for your start time just behind the start gate. But this time they were trying to shuffle as many men through pre-check while checking our bikes for our starts. It was two minutes before my start and I was next in line the official told me he was going to check one of the men’s bikes first. Luckily one of my teammates was there giving me advice from her run on the course and she spoke up with me that my bike needed to be checked it was too close to my start. I wasn’t stressed because it had passed all year. But when it went on the jig I was told the bar extensions needed to come in a centimeter. My mechanic and director were right there to help me with the issue. While my mechanic Eric Maresjo fixed my bars while my director Ed Beamon kept me calm. We gave the bike back to the official to check the measurements and it passed this time. I looked at the clock it was fourteen seconds until my start. I straddled the bike my director pushed me to the start as I clipped in I came to a stop on the line and the official was counting down 5..4..3…. I looked down I was in my small ring on a down hill start. I thought oh well here we go. I did go, and really well too. I crushed the prologue and was the only female to go under five minutes, beating half of the Pro men’s field!!

I wrapped up July by heading to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for a team pursuit camp. It’s my first time to do any kind of specific track work and my first time at the Olympic Training Center. It’s been great getting one on one instruction on the track and getting to know other passionate female cyclists that have dreams as big as mine.

Pretty soon I am off to Europe for more UCI racing and I can’t wait!



Half Way Through Cascades


Three days down three days to go at Cascades ClassicOchoco-20140717-01568Sisters-Millican-20140716-01563 After the time trial I increased my lead to 1:06 over Amber Neben (FCS|Zngine). It sounds good now but Thursday morning before the time trial I was a wreck. Time trialling is a new found strength for me. I have not developed the confidence that I will preform every race. The biggest difference between a time trial and a road race for me is the pressure I put on my self. In a road race I have my teammates around me to support me but in a time trial it’s all about my self and what I can do that day. With all the individual events over I’m confident that we can keep the yellow jersey throughout the race.

3 Good Things

1. Just got back to Dallas from training in Pagosa Springs for two weeks.
2. Don’t have to wear a brace anymore on my wrist anymore.
3. Leaving tomorrow to race in BC for a few days.

Not Ready Yet


As much as I don’t want to admit it my wrist still needs sometime to heel. I’m glad I came to North Star. It feels great to be back with my team. My job is to race bikes and when you can’t be around bike racing everything just seems a little off. But yesterday I had to make a difficult decision to pull out of the race. My wrist does not have the strength and flexibility to race the way that I am capable. I’m so appreciative that my team gave me the opportunity to try to come back as quickly as possible. I’m disappointed that I’m not able to help them or be successful in this race but I have to look at future races. One positive is that I can ride outside now. 

Injury Update

Thank you to everyone that has been reaching out about the crash I was involved in at the Superdrome Saturday night.

My wrist is fractured, I have three staples in the back of my head and a broken nose. I will see an orthopedic Tuesday afternoon about my wrist and will know more about my recovery. Until then I’m taking it day by day and hoping for the best.

I hope everyone involved is healing up quickly.