Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

For the last few years I have raced quite a bit of cross on the local scene. With nationals taking place in Texas I decided this was the year to expand my cross season. I had managed to get a couple of LivGiant cross bikes and some wheels from Reynolds to get me all set to race. The ultimate goal was to race at nationals in Austin but first I needed to hit up some of the national calendar to secure a decent starting position. When the road season ended my cross season plans seemed to quickly fade as I attended track camp after track camp with the National Team.


By December I began to feel a bit guilty that my brand new cross equipment was getting very little use. That guilt quickly faded when I went to London with the National Team for the Track World Cup and snagged a silver medal in the scratch race. Even though my cross racing on the national scène didn’t work out this year my bikes got to see quite a few races here in Texas.


In mid-December I learned that my team would definitely attend Tour Femenino de San Luis. I was very excited to get to do such an early season race but when I realized the dates conflicted with CX Nationals I was pretty bummed. Like most Texas cyclists I was stoked to have CX Nationals so close to home. I put my disappointment aside and decided to make the best of San Luis. I came back with a win in the TT and with the help of my team a second in GC.

getting ready

Next up New Zealand.

Not Ready Yet


As much as I don’t want to admit it my wrist still needs sometime to heel. I’m glad I came to North Star. It feels great to be back with my team. My job is to race bikes and when you can’t be around bike racing everything just seems a little off. But yesterday I had to make a difficult decision to pull out of the race. My wrist does not have the strength and flexibility to race the way that I am capable. I’m so appreciative that my team gave me the opportunity to try to come back as quickly as possible. I’m disappointed that I’m not able to help them or be successful in this race but I have to look at future races. One positive is that I can ride outside now. 

Injury Update

Thank you to everyone that has been reaching out about the crash I was involved in at the Superdrome Saturday night.

My wrist is fractured, I have three staples in the back of my head and a broken nose. I will see an orthopedic Tuesday afternoon about my wrist and will know more about my recovery. Until then I’m taking it day by day and hoping for the best.

I hope everyone involved is healing up quickly.


Successful few days for TIBCO.

Joanne Kiesanowski took 2nd on day two at Gila.

I took 2nd on day 3 at the Gila TT and…

after a series of 2nd places at Speedweek Samantha Schneider took the win at Friday nights Crit at Speedweek.




Stage 3 Road Race around and through Beaumont

This race was three laps with a challenging climb each lap. The last time over the climb the race exploded and with only 15k to go to the finish the race was on. I was in a group of seven along with a teammate. The group had some of the top GC contenders but it was missing the yellow jersey. Our group stayed away and I finished 2nd which put me on the podium for the day and moved me to 3rd in GC.

Redlands 2014

Although most teams have already had quite a few races together here in the US and other countries Redlands is seen to many as the first “big” team race of the season. Redlands is the start of the National Racing Calendar (NRC). This year Redlands was a 5 day race with 5 stages. The night before we started racing we had a team meeting. We were each asked what our goal was for the weekend. Many riders said things like help the team however they can or win a stage. As I sat there and listened to each rider’s personal goals I got more and more nervous because I knew what I was going to say and I didn’t want to sound arrogant. But I knew go big or go home and when it was my turn I calmly said, “I want to win Redlands.” So that’s what we set out to do.Image