Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

For the last few years I have raced quite a bit of cross on the local scene. With nationals taking place in Texas I decided this was the year to expand my cross season. I had managed to get a couple of LivGiant cross bikes and some wheels from Reynolds to get me all set to race. The ultimate goal was to race at nationals in Austin but first I needed to hit up some of the national calendar to secure a decent starting position. When the road season ended my cross season plans seemed to quickly fade as I attended track camp after track camp with the National Team.


By December I began to feel a bit guilty that my brand new cross equipment was getting very little use. That guilt quickly faded when I went to London with the National Team for the Track World Cup and snagged a silver medal in the scratch race. Even though my cross racing on the national scène didn’t work out this year my bikes got to see quite a few races here in Texas.


In mid-December I learned that my team would definitely attend Tour Femenino de San Luis. I was very excited to get to do such an early season race but when I realized the dates conflicted with CX Nationals I was pretty bummed. Like most Texas cyclists I was stoked to have CX Nationals so close to home. I put my disappointment aside and decided to make the best of San Luis. I came back with a win in the TT and with the help of my team a second in GC.

getting ready

Next up New Zealand.