Half Way Through Cascades


Three days down three days to go at Cascades ClassicOchoco-20140717-01568Sisters-Millican-20140716-01563 After the time trial I increased my lead to 1:06 over Amber Neben (FCS|Zngine). It sounds good now but Thursday morning before the time trial I was a wreck. Time trialling is a new found strength for me. I have not developed the confidence that I will preform every race. The biggest difference between a time trial and a road race for me is the pressure I put on my self. In a road race I have my teammates around me to support me but in a time trial it’s all about my self and what I can do that day. With all the individual events over I’m confident that we can keep the yellow jersey throughout the race.

2 thoughts on “Half Way Through Cascades

  1. It sounds so impossible to me that you should have confidence issues, you are the most amazing, accomplished person I know! You are a shining example of hard work and dedication, and you inspire me to work harder and dream bigger. 🙂 get out there and believe in yourself! ❤

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