Stage 5 Sunset Road Race in the Hills of Redlands

I couldn’t believe the final stage had arrived and I was sitting in 3rd GC. We had a difficult plan going into the day but we were confident that we would be successful and we were going to take the GC. I felt strong going into the day and even during the race. With 3 of 9 laps to go my race was over, a group of 10 formed and I was not able to hold on. I fought as hard as I could. Three riders caught me from behind on the descent and one more rider joined us on the climb. The break was gone and there were only a few riders behind us left in the race. It was a difficult last couple of laps physically and emotionally. My first chance of podium at a NRC stage race had just been ripped from underneath me. I knew I had done everything I could have done. Nobody was upset with me except for myself.

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