I’m back from Europe!

It was exciting getting to race in Europe this spring but after six races and four weeks away from home I’m glad to be back in America.

The question I get asked most often is how is racing over there? Racing in Europe is exciting in a different way than in America. Racing in Europe happens any day of the week. Last year I did a stage race in Belgium that started on Thursday and ended on Monday. Even with the crazy schedule there are still over 100 girls in every race I’ve done in Europe. Where here in America it is un heard of to have 100 girls in a race. Most national level races will have between 60 and 80 girls.Racing in Europe brings another level of professionalism to the sport. Often times in America racing is seen as a hobby where in Europe it is a respectable full time career. I’m not saying that it is better over there I’m just saying it is different. I enjoy racing both in America and Europe.

Next up Redlands April 2-6